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I’ve got a special post for you all today as my lovely friend Chanelle nominated me to do this tag so I am going to take you behind the scenes of my blog. Be sure to check her blog out! I have also nominated a few of my fave bloggers so read on to see my answers to the questions and don’t forget to check the bottom of this post to see if I have nominated you. I will also be notifying the nominees via social media to let them know.


1. What camera do you use? – I use my iPhone 6s as I love the quality of the photos that I get when using this. I might treat myself to a DSLR camera for christmas this year though but for now I’m happy using my phone.

2. What editing system do you use? – It varies but I mainly use PicCollage and FontCandy+ on my iPad Pro. I have recently started using PicsArt to edit my photos and I really like the results with that app so currently it’s a mix of those three. When I include footage in a post I use iMovie to edit my videos.

3. Do you use artificial or natural lighting? – Both. Although natural lighting hardly ever happens living in dull England haha. I’ll go to take photos for my blog and you can bet your life on it that we’ll have cloudy weather so I usually end up using the spotlights in my room.

4. What is the top item on your filming wishlist? – A decent camera haha and some circle lights so I don’t have to worry about getting decent lighting ever again.

5. What is your favourite day in the week to film/write/photograph? – I usually photograph and edit my photos at the weekends and filming usually gets done on those two days as well. I work three days a week currently so writing posts gets done on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have more time to sit down and write them up. Of course there are times when things crop up and I have to alter the days but I try to stick to those days as much as possible.

6. Do you plan your posts? If so, how? – Yes and I use calendar on my Mac. This allows me to easily switch posts between days if I need a little more time to get it done before publishing. I use my notes app to brainstorm ideas too which allows me to add posts on the go if I’m out and an idea for a great post pops into my head I can put it into my app straight away (see below). I delete the entry in my calendar once that post has been published and I try to plan a couple of months in advance so I never run out of content. My Monthly Faves posts are the only ones that have a set publish date and that is always the last day of each month. The rest get shifted about if I suddenly find myself with little free time to get them done. I schedule all my posts too so I don’t have to be online to publish them.

7. How long does it take you to write and photograph a post? – If it’s a tag post like this one, no more than an hour. I try to spend no more than 30 minutes taking photos as I usually take about 5 shots and choose the best one out of them. For reviews I try out the product several times and jot down my thoughts before publishing the post about a week or so after purchasing it. I’m always looking for new products to try out and like to give them a fair crack of the whip before writing a full review on them. General posts usually take me a couple of hours minimum as they can range from anything beauty related to lifestyle types of posts.

8. How many hours do you spend editing an average post? – No more than an hour although I tend to edit as I write to try and cut down the amount of time I spend getting posts ready for publishing. Posts that feature a lot of photos usually require more editing as I like to make sure the photos are aligned with the appropriate sections. I like my blog and my posts to be organised and look professional as I suffer from OCD and if I’m not happy I simply would rather wait and edit it properly than just scan through it and publish an ok post.

9. Favourite types of posts to write? – Mainly beauty posts, especially celeb inspired looks and product reviews. I enjoy writing my Monthly Faves posts too as I like to look back over the month and see what I’ve been loving.

10. Do people at school or work know about your blog? – I didn’t have my blog when I was at school as I left school in 2010 and only started this blog in December 2015. I have casually mentioned my blog to people I work with but I have no idea if they actually read it or not. My Mum knows about my blog and she’s admitted to reading it *cringe*. Apparently its where she comes to get her beauty tips haha. But yeah it’s mainly my family and close friends that know about it.

11. What is your process of thinking of a blog idea? – We all get blogger’s block from time to time but normally I just go with whatever happens to come to mind when I’m brainstorming but I try to go with what I love. I also like to take inspiration from other bloggers and put my own spin on things. Knowing your niche makes it a lot easier to come up with post ideas too. Having a schedule will also help you a lot when it comes to thinking of ideas as it allows you to plan properly and if you ever get stuck there are plenty of posts by bloggers out there that have a tonne of post ideas for when that blogger’s block strikes.

12. Do you feel awkward filming in front of other people or in public? – YES! I suffer from really bad anxiety so I try to do all filming in my room where I know it’s quiet and I won’t get distracted. I’m planning a Day In My Life post which will require a little bit of vlogging outside though to try and boost my confidence a little.

13. Do you and your blogging friends plan out posts together? – Not yet. I have been nominated for several posts in the past but have never done a collaboration before. If you would like to collab with me you can email me using the details on my CONTACT page or by messaging me via my blog Facebook page (I respond to all messages within 24 hours). All my social media is linked below and to the right.

14. What is your subscriber goal by the end of the year? – Numbers aren’t really a big deal to me to be honest but my 1 year blogiversary is just before christmas and I would love to reach 50 by then. Other than that I’m not really bothered. I feel like it’s better to have a small amount of people who actually read your blog and take the time to like, comment and leave feedback for you than having thousands of inactive followers who are there to just make up the numbers.

15. Who do you tag to do this tag next? – 

I had so much fun doing this tag and I hope you enjoyed going behind the scenes of my little blog. What are some of the things on your blogging wishlist and also I’d love some recommendations on a good DSLR camera.

Lauren x

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