Happy 49th Birthday Kylie Minogue!

Happy Birthday Kylie

Hey everyone,

I know I don’t normally post on Sundays but today is a very special day as it is my favourite singer’s birthday!

I have been a fan of Kylie ever since I was 3 years old and can’t believe that today my wonderful idol turns 49!!! She’s been through so much in the last 12 years and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I wanted to create something special for her and dedicating a post just for her seemed like the perfect way to wish her a happy birthday.

Dear Kylie,

Happy birthday Min! I just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope you’re spoiled rotten. You deserve all the happiness in the universe and I am so proud of you. I am sure you will be treated like the queen you are.

love Lauren x

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